About Us

A sublime blend of aesthetics, innovation and practicality have emerged as the guiding light at Bobby Mukherji & Associates. Our creations fuse the rich flavours of classic design with a contemporary approach and has seen us in good stead with our clientele, domestic and international, over the last two decades. A cross-disciplinary approach to projects complemented by intuitive aesthetics, benefits our clients by providing them with the right creative solutions that result in profitable ventures, while seducing the senses. Based in Mumbai with satellite offices in New Delhi and Bangkok, our projects have taken us across the globe for a truly international experience.

Our talented team at BM&A has seen us deftly tackle projects from several fields; Urban Planning, Hospitality, Aviation, Recreational, Commercial, Residential, Healthcare and many more. No matter how complex or demanding a project, we ensure it always tells a story, seamlessly woven into design; drawing inspiration from the environment, culture, personality and energy of the space. That is just why some of the country's most renowned and respected hotel chains, resorts, airlines, real estate developers, institutions, corporate and individuals turn to BM&A to ensure a healthy return on investment in addition to a project par compare. While the awards speak for themselves, the support and unwavering allegiance our clients have shown is most humbling.

Our Philosophy

We believe design is a fluid and organic entity that blends cultures to give birth to beauty that speaks to the soul. Being a firm with a global outlook, the first step towards this belief is to immerse ourselves into an environment; its style, symbolic and cultural references, materials that work in its favour. Fusing these tangible elements with our distinctive approach to design, forms the foundation of every project we take on. We are devoted to creating unique experiences, environments and city scapes for the end consumer which translate into successful ventures for our clients. Helping our clients achieve their vision is our primary goal which has seen us flourish and grow steadily over the years.

Our Reach

We proudly cater to an ever-growing number of projects not just within India but also in The Middle East, The United Kingdom, The USA, Indonesia, Bhutan, China, Caribbean Islands (British West Indies) and Nigeria among others.

We take conceit in being the only Indian firm common to eminent International and Indian Hospitality Brands. We are equally common to most top real estate honchos of India.